A faster, more flexible approach to packaging.

Packaging and label printing

Make sure your business doesn’t get left on the shelf by developing a faster, more flexible approach to packaging.

To make their products stand out in a crowded market, brand owners need to create exceptional packaging designs which can be rapidly changed.

Our digital technology streamlines your workflow and makes short run printing faster and more cost-effective - allowing customers to test and perfect their packaging.

The benefits of our Packaging printing technology

Benefits Benefits

Offer maximum design freedom

Create high quality packaging that can be easily customised

Benefits Benefits

Help customers perfect designs

Produce short runs and one-off prototypes economically

Benefits Benefits

Meet tight deadlines

Develop automated end-to-end workflows with minimal set-up

Benefits Benefits

Improve your customer offering

Provide new finishing options and innovative applications

Thinking out of the box

Thinking out of the box.
With digital printing we can prototype much easier and personalise things per item, per company. The possibilities are dazzling.

Paul de Lange

CEO, Intrapec Group

The challenge

The challenge

Driven by market demand for smaller, full-color, and personalized printing jobs, Dutch packaging company Intrapec aimed to broaden its service offerings to customers by bringing a portion of its printing jobs in-house.

The solution

After consulting with Canon, Intrapec decided that the best way to achieve its ambitious plans for growth was to invest in an Arizona flatbed printer. Fast and highly versatile, the Arizona was the perfect choice to create short runs of high quality, eye-catching work.

The solution
The benefits

The benefits

The combination with the Zünd digital cutter means Intrapec is now fully equipped to explore new possibilities of digital packaging and run small production jobs efficiently. They can even combine their offset and flexo-presses with the Arizona in mixed applications.


Stand out in a competitive market by developing a more creative, cost-effective approach to packaging production.


How it works

Key solutions

Colorado M-series

Colorado M-series

Fully modular UVgel printers for large format graphics and packaging. Configure the system to your needs, and upgrade later with mixed gloss/matte printing or white ink for example. Integrated finishing solutions available for high-volume wallpaper, packaging and specialty applications.

Arizona flatbed printers

Productive UV flatbed range delivering high-quality output on rigid and flexible media. Print on corrugated for POP displays, create custom, unique packaging solutions and leverage custom and short-run packaging.
Arizona flatbed printers
Digital colour printing presses that offer high performance and outstanding quality


Digital colour printing presses that offer high performance and outstanding quality, the imagePRESS series includes a wide range of models, for businesses of all sizes.

Zund cutting systems

Highly accurate, automated cutting tables that offer exceptional versatility and productivity for graphic applications.
ONYX Thrive

ONYX Thrive

Scalable print management software for display graphics applications, ONYX Thrive simplifies the entire wide format production process – creating streamlined, end-to-end workflows that deliver reliably accurate, high quality and error-free results.
Stay ahead in an evolving market by investing in our packaging printing tools.
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