Biophilic decorations: let nature breathe life into your home

Discover how combining nature and design with Canon printers and apps can create calming spaces for your home.
A wall hanging made of tropical leaf shapes, cut out of colourful paper in pinks and greens and tropical prints.

It's no secret that our wellbeing is improved by time in nature, and bringing it indoors by utilising natural light, organic colours, sensory spaces and house plants can be deeply calming. You don't need to have forest views and wood cladding at every turn to incorporate this design trend, though. When using your walls creatively, biophilic design – one which emphasises a connection to the natural environment – can take many forms, from wall hangings to photo frames, and can be an interesting way to set the scene for a relaxing area of the home.

Interior designer Jasmin Robertson lives in an Edwardian house in Hove, England and shares snippets of renovation and interiors content on TikTok and Instagram. "I love the concept of biophilic design and we've adopted many of the principles in our own home," she says. "By creating multiple opportunities to connect with nature, our home feels calm and restorative. I'm happier than I've ever been living here."

Multi-crafter Emma Jewell, @EmmaJewellCrafts on Instagram, is also a fan of papercrafting for fun and to brighten up living spaces.

No time is better than now to get started on your own creations with just a Canon printer and some nature-inspired designs. We asked both Jasmin and Emma for their top tips for making simple biophilic decorations.

1. Find inspiration all around you

A flat lay showing the Canon SELPHY Square QX10 printer, surrounded by flowers, jute string, tiny pegs, hooks and small printed photographs of greenery.

"I love being able to easily print out photos from my phone to have on display around our home," says interior designer Jasmin Robertson. "My camera album is seriously over-populated, so my favourite shots were getting buried and under-appreciated." © Jasmin Robertson

A branch hangs across a wall above a black fireplace. Dropping down from it are several strands of jute with small printed photographs pegged to them.

"I'm really happy with how this turned out and can see it's going to be a permanent fixture in my daughter's room," says Jasmin of this eye-catching natural wall hanging. "It's also going to be really easy to update with new photos so we can refresh with the seasons." © Jasmin Robertson

Pinterest offers an endless stream of biophilic design ideas for all kinds of homes, rooms and spaces – from trees inside buildings to lush green plant walls. It's also possible to combine print with greenery to make your own creations, as Jasmin did for her daughter's bedroom.

"Using the Canon SELPHY Square QX10, I created a wall hanging featuring photos of spring scenes to hang above the fireplace," she explains. "The photos are suspended from a branch on jute string. It's simple but really effective. It's also easy to do and costs next to nothing to make."

Jasmin found her inspiration in a local park: "After a storm, I walked the dog in one of our favourite local parks while on a mission to find a branch the right size for hanging. There were plenty to choose from so it didn't take me long. While I was there, I took a few snaps of spring flowers and fresh green foliage. I even managed to capture a shot of my dog smelling a daffodil."

2. Make use of design tools such as Creative Park

A Canon printer prints out a sheet of paper with a leaf pattern. Next to the printer is another colourful print, as well as several hand-cut paper leaves.

"Have fun creating abstract artwork and start by printing out a selection of patterned papers," says multi-crafter Emma Jewell, who used Canon's Creative Park – a free and inspiration-packed online resource – for her leafy wall art. "Choose a mix of patterns and colours, and use scissors to cut out organic shapes from the papers." © Emma Jewell

A wall hanging made of tropical leaf shapes, cut out of colourful paper in pinks and greens and tropical prints.

"Once you have the arrangement finalised, start glueing all of the pieces onto the string," says Emma. "Then hang your beautiful artwork for all to see." © Emma Jewell

Crafting is a brilliant activity to do while spending quality time with friends and family. If you're in need of direction, Canon's Creative Park is packed full of papercrafting templates, including ornamental hanging plants, succulent pots, wildflower wall bouquets and pretty wreaths. Whether you're an expert crafter looking to make sophisticated flower decorations for tables, shelves and windowsills, or a complete beginner keen to try a simple nature-inspired design, there are hundreds of choices to explore on the website and on the Canon Creative Park app.

Colour-obsessed Emma, who is passionate about craft projects, says: "I love using Creative Park to search for patterned papers and elements to print out and use for projects. It's so easy to find some stunning patterned papers that work great, and whip up décor to match the season without spending money on new supplies."

Once you've chosen your templates – in Emma's case two tropical designs, one featuring a green-winged macaw, the other a monstera plant – you'll need a good printer. Emma uses the wireless Canon PIXMA TS6350a Series – a versatile printer that's ideal for everything from work documents to family projects.

"It's easy to create this stunning photo backdrop. Print out a selection of tropical-themed patterned paper, then cut the paper into tropical leaf shapes. Mix the tropical leaves with some plain-coloured card leaves too. Then glue the leaves onto a length of twine using a glue gun. Once happy, hang up the twine to create your backdrop.

"My Canon PIXMA TS6350a Series printer makes it so easy to print quality prints for craft projects," Emma continues. "And the Canon Matte Photo Paper is so versatile and easy to craft with."

3. Embellish your artwork for added impact

A woman in a yellow dress leans over a table, tying lengths of jute around a branch.

"Crafting is good for the soul and we could all do with dedicating more time to creative pursuits," says Jasmin. "It's so satisfying creating something that looks good and can be put on display, it adds personality and individuality and creates a talking point in your home." © Jasmin Robertson

A woman pegs printed photographs of greenery to strands of jute tied to a branch, next to a Canon SELPHY Square QX10 printer.

"I enjoy decorating with colour and have quite an eclectic home," says Jasmin. "Green is definitely my favourite colour and it features in most rooms in some shade or another." © Jasmin Robertson

Jasmin used the portable Canon SELPHY Square QX10 to print vibrant square prints directly from her smartphone. "I included the shots I took in the park, a few of my daughter exploring nature and some shots of the beautiful flowers in my grandmother's garden. Instantly dry, I was able to peg them to four lengths of jute string tied evenly along the branch using mini wooden craft pegs," she explains.

The next steps were adding extra sparkle and organic texture to the handmade nature-inspired decoration. "I wrapped a string of LED fairy lights around the branch and taped the battery pack to one end, which I then covered with a bushy sprig of eucalyptus tied on with jute string," says Jasmin. "I used brass hooks and clear fishing line to suspend the branch from the ceiling above the fireplace in my daughter's room. It's a beautiful addition to her space and she's over the moon with it."

4. Think carefully about where you put your designs

A branch with small printed photographs hanging from it is positioned above a desk containing a computer, notebook, candle and vase of daffodils.

"I also hung a decoration on the wall behind the desk in our home office," says Jasmin. "It's a north-facing room so feels quite dark in the winter, but the spring photos have really cheered up the plain wall, bringing colour to the space. It fills me with optimism looking at the bright colours and has got me looking forward to longer, brighter days ahead." © Jasmin Robertson

A close-up of several strands of jute with small printed photographs pegged to them against a white wall.

"There's something quite nostalgic about a printed photograph," says Jasmin. "I'm a big fan." © Jasmin Robertson

"The spaces we occupy have such a big impact on our mood and overall wellbeing, I feel it's important to design interiors that support and nurture us," Jasmin says. "I love how interior design has the ability to evoke feelings. To some it might seem frivolous, but considering the amount of time we spend indoors, the impact of design shouldn't be underestimated."

With this in mind, consider where to place your design as it will become an interesting piece of art for your room. Jasmin advises: "You can hang a decoration such as this anywhere you want to create a focal point or add interest. It works particularly well centred above a piece of furniture but equally could be used to dress a plain wall. It can be hung with hooks from the ceiling or suspended from a picture rail. If hanging from the ceiling, fix the hooks approximately two inches in from the wall."

The natural theme can also be incorporated through bolder decorative choices, says Jasmin, who thinks bathroom tiles with leaves and botanical prints can up the wow factor, as can murals for bedrooms.

5. A tranquil home equals a tranquil mind

A close-up of a desk containing a computer monitor, keyboard, vase of daffodils and a Canon SELPHY Square QX10 printer.

Nature-inspired artwork can really help to boost your mood. For added wellbeing, consider having lots of plants and flowers – both real and fake – close to your design, as well as soft lighting. "For me, there's no better feeling than transforming a space into something beautiful," says Jasmin. © Jasmin Robertson

A pastel-hued abstract artwork hangs on a white wall. Below it are a pot plant and a grey cushion.

Emma's creations include this pastel-hued abstract artwork, which she made using a large sheet of white card, Canon Matte Photo Paper, glue and scissors. © Emma Jewell

If tranquility is important to your living space, keep lighting soft and find inspiration in nature. "To create a tranquil feeling at home, decorate with muted earthy colours, natural materials and plenty of plants," suggests Jasmin. "I love using plants as décor in the home. Not only do they look good, they also support wellbeing by offering that connection to nature and also helping to keep the air clean indoors.

"Research has shown that even by looking at a picture depicting nature, people feel calmer," continues Jasmin. "Fake plants can support wellbeing too, which is good news for those who aren't green-fingered.

"Create layers of lighting – table and floor lamps as well as wall and pendant lights and have everything dimmable," she concludes. "If you're renovating, consider larger windows and roof-lights to bring in as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Light an essential oil candle and play relaxing music. Think about all your senses, not just what you see."

Written by Lorna Dockerill

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