Hidden Spots

London Guide

The Thames is the golden thread linking the Shad, the Royal Observatory and the riverside cultural Southbank Centre – explore it with the PowerShot ZOOM.

Hidden Spots

Uncover Hidden Spots with the PowerShot ZOOM

Beat the crowds and capture hidden spots across Europe with the PowerShot ZOOM - a portable, 12-megapixel camera with a 3 step zoom. Download travel guides specially curated by LOST iN and zoom in!

Find Europe’s hidden gems with the PowerShot ZOOM

Walk the path less travelled with the PowerShot ZOOM and find unexplored gems with travel guides curated by LOST iN.

  • Hidden Spots

    10 Cities

    The ultimate shortlist of Europe’s most dynamic cities and lesser-known hotspots to explore with the PowerShot ZOOM.

  • Hidden Spots

    3 Landmarks

    Three fresh ways to view these 10 legendary cities – new takes on Europe’s most iconic views and secrets only locals know.

  • Hidden Spots

    Close the distance with the PowerShot ZOOM

    Pocket-sized and lightweight, the PowerShot Zoom is the perfect companion to explore Europe’s hidden gems.

#HiddenSpots Travel Guides

Dive into ten of Europe’s most visually stunning cities with the PowerShot ZOOM and shoot unexpected angles of these iconic destinations.

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Close the distance with the PowerShot ZOOM – a lightweight, pocket-sized camera with an easy-to-use 3 step zoom.

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Everything you need to get the best shot possible with the PowerShot ZOOM – Canon’s range of accessories keep your kit safe, powered and performing at their best.

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