Severn drives growth by becoming the first company in the UK to invest in Canon’s new varioPRINT iX-series

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 13th July 2020 – Severn, based in Gloucester, will become the first UK company to install the new Canon varioPRINT iX2100. The device will be Severn’s third inkjet production printer from Canon and will help the company to further expand its offering to customers and welcome new business opportunities.

Severn operates in three key markets; print, books, and mailing, and works with around 500 small, medium, and large companies, including charities and environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. In recent years, Severn has seen major growth in book printing and publishing services, which now accounts for almost 25% of its revenue. In terms of colour printing, it primarily produces educational books and academic journals and wanted to grow its expertise in these areas.

Severn has been working with Canon for a number of years and already owned a ColorStream 3900 continuous feed printer and a VarioPrint i300 sheetfed printer. Thanks to these purchases, Severn has on-boarded over 70 new publishing customers and grew its business by 50% between 2017 and 2020. As a result of this sustained business growth, Severn decided to invest in a new device to diversify its offering and expand its technical services for customers. When exploring different products, Severn knew it needed a reliable device that could offer high quality printing at a cost-effective price.

As a result, Severn approached Canon for advice on its next acquisition. Ian Smith, Managing Director of Severn, said: “Canon works and lives with Severn, and has really helped us to transform and grow the business over the past few years.  When we turned to them to look for a new device to help fuel ongoing growth, we were delighted to learn that the new varioPRINT iX-series was due to be launched.

Canon is really at the forefront for inkjet printing and the new varioPRINT iX-series has set a new benchmark for this. The device delivers breakthrough quality that matches offset, toner, and liquid toner technologies, alongside the highest levels of uptime and reliability, without having to compromise on cost. It will enable us to offer broader capabilities to customers, including the ability to print on a greater range of media from 60gsm uncoated to 350gsm coated, which will help to expand our customer base further in the future, both domestically and overseas.”

As a result of the purchase, Severn has also hired a new Technical Director, Mark Allington, to create automated workflows and seamlessly manage all output devices. Thanks to the varioPRINT iX2100 and the team’s growing technical expertise, Severn’s aim is to seamlessly connect with customers and their warehouses via API technology. In doing so, Severn will open up new opportunities to engage with print buyers, publishers and print management companies with this new, expanded offering.

Stuart Rising, Head of Commercial Print, Canon UK, said: “We’ve worked closely with Severn for a number of years, so we were thrilled when they decided to purchase our new varioPRINT iX-series. At Canon, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers expand their businesses by offering them the very latest technology.

The varioPRINT iX-series not only offers customers high quality, productivity, and reliability, but also a cost-effective solution. As more opportunities are created in the market, the varioPRINT iX-series will help companies who are looking for a smooth transition to higher-quality inkjet printing.”

Please find more information on the varioPRINT iX-series here.