Canon strengthens its portfolio with the imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner, increasing growth opportunities in new imaging markets

LONDON, UK, 1ˢᵗ June 2022: Canon Europe today announces the launch of its imageFORMULA RS40 dedicated photo scanner, bolstering sales opportunities for channel partners across both specialist photo services and online retailers. The imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner is ideal for restoring and digitising old photographs in just a few simple clicks. It is also one of the first of its kind to offer batch scanning of up to 40 photos and 60 documents in a single use either at-home or in-store.

A solution to meet new growth markets

The consumer market has recently seen the rise of a ‘shoeboxing’ trend, where families are looking to preserve printed photos taken before the era of digital photography (commonly stored in shoeboxes). By scanning and sharing these images, they are able to relive valued memories with friends and relations through social media and at special occasions. The imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner provides the perfect opportunity for partners to tap into this movement and offer both photo shop and online retail customers a quick, robust solution with all the reliability and image quality features they would expect from a Canon device.

Hiro Imamura, Marketing & Innovation Vice President, Digital Printing & Solutions at Canon Europe, says: “Keeping on top of industry trends and utilising that information to help build growth is one of the key ways in which we support our partner community on an ongoing basis. The imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner offers a new compelling solution for capturing and leveraging this business opportunity within the imaging and digitisation space.

Easy high speed batch scanning of photos

Developed with Canon’s leading scan technology, the imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner offers truly productive batch scanning of photos, with speeds up to 30 photos a minute and a feeder that can stack up to 40 photos. Huge amounts of time can be saved compared to using a traditional flatbed scanner or even smart phones to capture your photos one by one.

With no complicated software installation, the user can effortlessly set up and start scanning using the integrated installer and easy-to-follow step-by-step video, which makes it simpler than ever to get to know the device, and ensures peace of mind for first time users.

High functionality for satisfied end users

While providing ease of use at a good price, the imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner does not compromise on functionality or quality. The scanner supports various types of photo and document sizes, from panoramas to receipts, meeting a wide range of digitisation needs. The straight conveyor path minimises the risk of feeding errors, ensuring important photos or documents remain intact as they are fed through.

Numerous image processing functions deliver a premium result and bolster customer satisfaction. The auto fix functionality analyses the scene of a photograph then automatically applies corrections to brighten and enhance the image, perfecting it for appearing on screens. The device also comes with several face processing functions including face smoothing, face sharpening and red-eye correction. Plus, paper texture correction settings reduce matt patterns and fading corrections brighten work photographs.

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