Print Head Replacement

Only perform this procedure when replacing the print head. Do not perform the following steps for any other reason, as this could cause damage to your product.

・Do not replace the print head while the machine is turned off.
・Do not turn off the machine during the replacement.
・Printing quality after a used print head is removed & reinstalled cannot be guaranteed.
・If the maintenance cartridge has insufficient capacity, print head replacement cannot be performed.
・Some problems may not be resolved by replacing the print head.
・Be careful not to contaminate your hands with ink.

1. Turn on the machine.

2. Push the [Home] button once, then press and hold the [Stop] button for five or more seconds. The machine will go into the print head replacement mode.

3. Special notes appear in the next screen. Confirm them and select” Yes.”

▶ Wait for a few minutes until the next instructions are displayed.

Follow the procedures below according to the panel display.




7. Carefully remove the new print head from the packing box.

8. Put the print head into the print head holder slowly and securely so that the print head does not touch the parts around it.


10. After closing the scanning unit/cover, wait for a few minutes. When the home screen is displayed, the print head replacement is completed.

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