Why it’s time to make friends with your printer again

Is your printer feeling lonely? Surely not! Your home printer is an invaluable part of the family and Carmen of MLC Estudio wouldn’t be without hers.
The top of a Canon printer with a red packet of Canon Matte Photo Paper resting on top of it. In the background is a blurred, but clearly stylish room, with a wicker shelving unit, colour swatches against a wall and a paper bird, wings outstretched, on the wall.
Alexa Mezey

Written by Alexa Mezey

New Media Consultant, Canon EMEA

Were you one of the many thousands of people who bought a printer during the pandemic? In a vastly digital world, the stay-at-home orders reminded us that we actually print rather more than we realised, and we enjoyed the convenience of our office and college printers. Now things have largely returned to normal, it would be a real shame to see our printers gathering dust on shelves and in cupboards. They’re far too useful for that!

In Granada, Carmen of MLC Estudio is one of an army of print faithful, using hers for life, work and to inspire over 180,000 followers on Pinterest with her tutorials, tips, inspiration and paper-based brilliance. She certainly wouldn’t be without her printer, using it to solve everyday problems and feed her creativity. “My PIXMA TS5531a sits on a sideboard in my studio,” she says. “It’s white and surrounded by other decorative elements. So, it blends in beautifully!” Barely a day goes by when she doesn’t use it – but not just for creative work. So, why not give your printer some love and appreciation?

It helps you with the boring stuff

For labels, schoolwork, contracts and other legal documents, having a printer at home is invaluable. Sometimes there’s nothing like printing something out to get a different perspective – it can help you to sense check and even spot errors that you simply didn’t pick up on screen. “I always print and check my designs before they see the light of day,” says Carmen.

It supports learning and helps with homework

School assignments, in particular, have a habit of appearing at the last minute and requiring emergency printing! Art projects spring immediately to mind, but there are plenty of other educational tasks that need the power of print – visual aids for school presentations, such as charts. graphs and posters, are frequent requests. And children are still asked to produce printed newsletters and brochures.

A pair of hands affixes a paper leaf to a pin board covered in notes, photos and other assorted printed items.

It helps you to stay connected with family and friends

Photo printing is the obvious way that we can use our printers to keep the ones we love in mind. But there’s something really special about designing and printing a little personalised note when you pop a photo or two in the post. Even the label on the envelope could have a unique twist. It allows you to add a personal touch and customize various items without relying on external printing services.

It can inspire you to be creative!

“I once printed all the parts of a 3D bird, then assembled it and used it as decoration for my wall,” recalls Carmen “I was super happy with the outcome!” Of course, Carmen is a one-woman creative machine, so it’s no wonder that so many people love her ideas and download her printables. There are also some amazing paper creations to be found on Canon’s Pinterest – from origami to home décor.

It can be in places that technology just can’t reach

Tablets, phones and laptops are all well and good, but have you ever tried following a recipe when the device keeps going to sleep or you are constantly wiping cake batter from the screen? Not ideal. And anyone who’s tried making a speech while holding a phone up for their notes will tell you that it just doesn’t feel the same.

It’s your reliable friend when you need to make a social recovery

“We’ve forgotten *insert name here*!” Sound familiar? There’s always a time when we need to send a last-minute invitation, squeeze in an extra seat and place card at an important dinner or rustle up an emergency gift voucher. “A few months ago, I got married, and at the last minute I had to print some extra invitations,” recalls Carmen. “Plus, some other stationery elements – posters and labels – which just wouldn’t have been possible without my PIXMA.”

The only thing that Carmen would change is her ability to print even more. “I’d like to upgrade to an A3 version,” she laughs. “Imagine the possibilities?”

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