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Wildlife photography techniques from Canon Tutor, Brian Worley

One of the keys to great wildlife photography is understanding animals’ behaviour and using the right equipment for the situations you’re shooting in and to achieve the results you want. Improve your techniques with our wildlife tutorial.
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Capturing summer in your neighbourhood

Now that summer has brought the better weather, there are more chances to spend time with your friends and family outdoors, or to simply enjoy sitting in the sun with a cold drink. How do people celebrate summer in your neighbourhood? Maybe there's a street party, or a BBQ? Let us know with your best image on Facebook or the Gallery.
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Give your photos a splash of colour this spring

For many people spring is the most exciting season of them all to capture great photographs and prints. The days get longer, the light becomes gentler and there’s an abundance of new beginnings to inspire you to be more creative with your camera.
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Opportunities for creating and sharing great photos thumbnail

Opportunities for creating and sharing great photos

There are so many exciting opportunities over the year, so we’ve created a guide to the most popular special moments. They’re perfect for sharing with family and friends.
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Winter photography

Discover how crisp, frosty mornings and pure white snow create a range of new subjects for your photos as well as making a dramatic backdrop.
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Night time photography

The night changes how everything looks and offers a great opportunity to take different and interesting photos. This guide gives ideas for subjects with straightforward tips to help.
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Close-up photography

Macro photography opens up a new world to explore. This tutorial shows you how to get great results.
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Picture_Tutorial_Creative Exposure

Creative Exposure

If you want to move out of the Basic Zone on your EOS then this tutorial will show you what to do and gives examples of what you could achieve.
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Picture_Tutorial_Using Modes

Using Modes

Part of owning a camera is expressing your creative side. This guide shows you how to take the first steps.
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Picture_Tutorial_Action photography

Panning for action photos

Panning can turn a static photo of action into one that emphasises movement. This guide shows you how to master the technique.
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Perfect Exposure

Getting the desired exposure for photos is key to capturing great images. This tutorial helps you discover how to get the best from your EOS.
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Control the Colour

Colour is one of the most important elements of photography. This guide shows you how to tune it for maximum impact.
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Focusing your EOS

The autofocus (AF) system on your EOS camera can enhance your creativity. This tutorial will explain how it works and the different options available.
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Blurring water for creative effect

Have you wondered how to take photos with the beautiful blurred effect of water like the one here? Then read our guide.
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Picture_Tutorial_Processing raw images

Processing raw images

Raw files contain minimally-processed information captured by your camera when you take a photograph. You can then adjust many of your shooting decisions once you get back to your computer. Learn how.
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Picture_Tutorial_Lenses DSLR


This tutorial explains the differences between the 70+ lens in Canon's EF range and shows which ones will help you take the particular photos you want.
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