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Canon UHD DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B)

A premium 4K lens with image stabilisation.


  • Outstandingly high resolution 2/3” 4K field lens with 86x zoom and 9.3-800mm focal length (up to 1600mm with 2x built-in extender)

  • Class-leading beyond-4K performance right to the edge of the image and throughout the zoom range for unmatched quality

  • High contrast and high resolution in all wavelength regions of the B, G and R channels in the 4K and beyond 4K frequency bands

  • Similar size and weight to HD field lenses for seamless integration with existing HDTV technical setups and shooting environments

  • Beyond 4K resolution even with image stabilisation applied

  • Full support for virtual systems thanks to the built-in 16-bit encoder

  • Fully compatible with existing Canon HD field lens accessories

Detailed Features

  • The breakthrough beyond-4K broadcast lens

    The UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B) is the flagship of Canon’s 2/3” 4K lens range. This groundbreaking 2/3” 4K broadcast field zoom lens puts the emphasis on achieving the very finest image quality from your 4K camera. An 86x zoom and 9.3-800mm focal length (up to 1600mm with the built in 2x extender) deliver stunning optical quality beyond 4K. As 4K gains ground with broadcasters, this lens sets a new standard for capturing stunning quality footage in environments where a large zoom ratio and depth of field management are important: such as sporting events and concerts.

  • Next generation optical performance

    Beyond-4K resolution and high contrast are sustained uniformly from the centre to the edge of the image thanks to Canon’s proprietary optical design technologies. Colours are equally consistent in all wavelength regions of the B, G and R channels and the 4K/beyond-4K frequency bands. Powerful aberration correction features prevent colour bleeding while minimising ghosting and flare. Colours are uniformly reproduced even in the corners of images – creating a visibly superior image, especially when viewed on a large screen.

  • Shake-free 4K images, even with IS

    4K shooting is intolerant of even the smallest camera shake. So the UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B) features the best of Canon’s optical and servo technologies to stabilise your footage and maintain beyond-4K performance, even with image stabilisation engaged. So from smooth panning shots to beating low or high frequency vibration, your beyond-4K quality remains consistent.

  • Effortless to use

    Operation is straightforward, and great results are easy to achieve, thanks to the UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B)’s intelligent new design. Canon’s accurate focus demands enable the operator to keep subjects in focus: even in challenging situations like sports broadcasts when long focus is used and a shallow depth of field must be managed.The lens’ stylish appearance and prominent 4K logo make a great impression on set or location.

  • Easily step up from HD

    There’s no need to change your shooting style when you upgrade from HD to the UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B). Its size and weight are comparable to a 2/3” HD lens despite its beyond-4K resolution. So there’s no need to get to know new techniques and systems in order to enjoy beyond-4K quality. There’s also no requirement to invest in new accessories, because the servo modules and zoom and focus demands for your existing HD Canon field lenses are fully compatible.

  • Support for virtual units

    It’s easy to use the UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B) in a virtual system, for example at major sporting events and concerts. It supports a wide range of virtual interfaces for acquiring positional information via either serial communication or output from the 16-bit high-resolution encoder. As it shares connectors and protocols with other Canon HD broadcast lenses, it’s easy to integrate into environments that use Canon HD field or portable lenses.

Canon UHD DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86X9.3B)
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