A Customer Centric Communication Is The Key To Success

ProPack share their story on productivity, quality, and uptime which has led to innovation.
Propack and Canon video case study

The ProPack and Canon Formula

With the clear goal of growing their business, ProPack was ready for the next level of innovation to be able to keep up their print on demand needs. The varioPRINT iX technology was the first choice to provide outstanding quality and become even more productive, leading to new opportunities for them.

But it doesn't stop there. The support from our service is second to none, giving ProPack the peace of mind to deliver excellent everyday results, whilst keeping an eye on the performances of the device to achieve higher uptime levels.

Thanks to the new device, we’ve become a more cost-efficient business, and the increased capacity has meant we can approach customers with confidence.

Propack employees using Canon technology

The Path For Success

Whilst their focus has always been personalised communication, the turning point for ProPack was a brochure developed for a leading travel giant, following sustainability principles. This led to recognition in the industry, with it’s peak at the Printweek awards of 2023, where the artwork was praised as innovation of the year.

To a brighter future and more to come, with the Canon varioPRINT iX!

The printer is extremely simple to use. I tried operating it myself and I was able to upload a job seamlessly without prior training.

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