Arizona 135 GT

Large Format Printers

Canon Arizona 135 GT

Access new, profitable business opportunities with stunning applications on a vast range of media with the award-winning Arizona flatbed printer, and for less than you might think.

  • 2,000 m2

    Smart investment from 2,000 m2
    per year

  • VariaDot

    Award-winning technology for
    stunning prints

  • Roll Media Option

    Continuously print on rigid and
    flexible media

  • Instant-on

    Low-energy consumption

  • Access the Arizona advantage

    The Arizona 135 GT is the smart choice that enables sign makers and print service providers to open up exciting new commercial opportunities. It provides easy access to the award-winning Arizona series: renowned for its incredible quality, impressive reliability and excellent Total Cost of Ownership.

    Access true flatbed printing

    Designed to fit your workflow as a true flatbed printer with the professional quality you’d expect from the world’s leading flatbed printer. The Arizona 135 will provide unparalleled, sellable print quality at speeds of up to 34.2 m2 per hour on almost any rigid or flexible media.

    Access new business

    With true Arizona flatbed technology and UV-LED curing, you can now access a vast range of first-time-right, durable applications. The efficient Arizona Classic high-pressure vacuum system provides extremely reliable media hold-down during printing, even pulling down warped rigid media. Access even more possibilities with the field-upgradeable Roll Media Option to create flexible media applications.

    Access print quality

    Access exceptional print quality thanks to the VariaDot greyscale printing technology. It uses advanced drop size selection techniques. Access even greater uniformity for incredible, flawless photo-realistic images with great colours and our best- ever white.

    Arizona 135 GT

    Easy print production

    Arizona Xpert prepress software enables you to design and produce high-value applications such as elevated prints with ease. It includes ready-made recipes for easy-to-create applications. The Arizona approach to first-time-right printing leads to less waste and fewer costly mistakes which, in turn, leads to better overall margins and faster turnaround times.

    High uptime

    Uptime is key in any print operation, so the Arizona 135 incorporates a number of service features. Automated Maintenance System for hands-free printhead maintenance and to selectively restore nozzle function in seconds. On Remote Service enables you to grant access for authorised remote assistance by our certified experienced service technicians.

    Arizona 135 GT

    Access high-profit applications on a wide range of media

    With true Arizona flatbed technology and UVLED curing, you can now access a vast range of first-time-right, durable applications. For instance:

  • Rigid and flexible media

  • Standard&textured surfaces

  • Glass composites

  • Aluminium and metals

  • Canvas

  • Wood and MDF

  • Cardstock

  • Hard and flexible plastic

  • Signage and outdoor applications

    Help your customers make bold statements with signage. From durable outdoor banners that can withstand the weather for several seasons to indoor promotional posters that change on a daily basis, large format printing allows you creativity and flexibility.
    Canon Signage & POS Printer

    Retail and point-of- purchase displays

    POP displays draw attention to particular brands or special offers that create additional value or showcase the advantages of the product. This marketing tactic has a large impact because it is in place at the very moment that the consumer is making a buying decision.
    Arizona 135 GT

    Industrial applications

    Industrial printing is the use of print technologies as a part of the manufacturing process. In this application, print is a built- in part of the end product. Membrane switches, interior décor, flooring, printing on glass, wall coverings, automotive interiors, and elevated printing are all exciting value-added uses of industrial printing that you can offer your customers.


    • Print Speed

      Up to 34.2 m2 per hour

    • Roll Media Option

      Field-upgradeable option to create flexible media applications of up to 220 cm wide, or 50 kilograms, including thin and heat-sensitive media.

    • Table size

      125 x 250 cm

    • Annual print volume

      Smart investment from 2,000 m2 per year onwards

    • Print technology

      5 channel piezoelectric inkjet system using VariaDot imaging technology

    • Resolution

      Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 30 picoliters for photo-realistic prints with sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher.

    Sustainable by nature

    Canon firmly believes in developing and manufacturing products in a sustainable way, and delivering services that support customers in their efforts to reduce their own environmental impact while benefitting from an excellent Total Cost of Ownership.

    The Arizona printing process consumes as much as 50% less ink than comparable 5-channel flatbed printers using fixed droplet inkjet technology, making the Arizona 135 environmentally and economically attractive. The UV-LED cured inks used are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified for use anywhere, including retail environments, schools, hospitals and hospitality venues. Arizona printers consume less energy than competitors.

    Arizona 135 GT

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