Create a secure print and scan ecosystem with Canon’s free, easy-to-use Security Settings Navigator. Get the recommended security settings for your individual environment and shore up your IT defences.
Canon Security Settings Navigator a secure print and scan easy to use ecosystem


A security solution built into your Canon device

Security Settings Navigator uses technology built into your Canon device combined with your own insights to seamlessly apply the appropriate security settings for your environment.

The Security Settings Navigator helps protect your business

Print devices connected to a network pose a security risk. Canon devices are equipped with the latest security features and functionalities to help mitigate these risks.

By using these as cybersecurity measures, and applying them with Security Settings Navigator, you can protect your devices, your data, and your business.

The Benefits of Security Settings Navigator

Discover how Security Settings Navigator can safeguard your critical data and your print infrastructure.

  • No security knowledge needed

    You don’t need to be a security expert. Simply answer a few easy questions and Security Settings Navigator will suggest the right configuration for your specific environment.

  • Quick and easy setup

    Over 100 security settings can be applied in one go, making the whole operation fast and simple.

  • Easy management

    You can track the settings applied and easily amend or restore any individual settings as needed.

  • Free to use

    Security Settings Navigator is provided free of charge, so all our customers can benefit from a secure print and scan environment.

Recommended Security Settings_EM

Take control of your device security settings

In the modern workplace, there’s an ever-growing need for fully networked print and scan technology, which needs to be properly secured.

To do this, multiple device security settings need to be actioned, which takes take time and may also require an in-depth IT security knowledge.

With Canon Security Settings Navigator, it’s hassle-free, there’s no need for IT expertise since all the recommended settings can be applied with a press of a button.

Protect your device

Safeguard your devices from external and internal threats. Set up two-factor authentication and device function restrictions for both device and cloud-based security measures.

Protect your data and documents

Prevent potential information leakage. Data privacy across your network can be ensured with IPSec, port filtering and TLS 1.3 & WPA3 support.

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Protect your network

Defend your network from malware threats.

Verify System at Start-up supporting Platform Firmware Resiliency (NIST SP800-193) with Automatic Recovery, SIEM support and McAfee Embedded Control analyse the device in real-time to detect and prevent external attacks.

Maintain compliance and safeguard reputation

Comply with data regulations to avoid fines and damage to your business reputation. Boost your security further with easy-to-use Security Settings Navigator or let Canon’s experts create a bespoke solution for your unique business environment.

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How To

Security Settings Navigator

After answering up to four questions, the Security Settings Navigator will provide you with the recommended security settings and the steps for configuring them. Watch How To video to learn more.

Download Content

See our one-page flyer explaining the benefits of Security Settings Navigator and learn how to apply security settings with the tool.

Online manual

Access the Canon Online Manual site, using the link below. You can find Security Settings Navigator under ‘Security Information’ on the manual page for your machine.

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