Rotaform Case Study from Canon

Canon empowers Rotaform to stay at the forefront of customer communications.
Rotaform Case Study from Canon

For more than 150 years Rotaform has been a provider of transactional communications in the Netherlands; it is now the largest in the country.

Its customers, from financial service providers to telecom companies, have been outsourcing their large-scale transactional communications to Rotaform for up to twenty-five years. Rotaform has built trust and a strong reputation by constantly innovating to improve its service, delivering greater efficiency, flexibility and shorter lead times.


Over the last two decades, customer experience has become a key competitive advantage in mature markets; however, it’s a landscape which evolves quickly, making it challenging to stay ahead of customer expectations. The evolution of digital technologies has put pressure on companies to adapt quickly by offering digital communication channels and providing a faster, more interactive experience.

As a customer communications provider, Rotaform needed to stay at the forefront of digital transformation and customer communication innovation, so it could offer the best service to its customers. Rotaform needed to find a partner who could provide market-leading technology and enable Rotaform to keep evolving to reflect the customer experience landscape.

"What we see is that our customers are making the move from batch processing in bulk to on-demand and digital."

Rotaform Case Study from Canon video

Why Canon

  • Canon works with more individual customer communication solutions providers than any other reseller, and holds a longstanding partnership with Quadient, one of the leaders in the field.

  • Canon has over a decade of experience implementing its Customer Communications solutions at scale and are the industry experts in process engineering and orchestration for these solutions.

  • Canon had the resources and manpower to deliver implementation and support services via projects or secondment.

  • In addition, Canon is also a leading professional print hardware manufacturer. This meant that Rotaform could invest easily in an end-to-end ecosystem of technologies to support its business, from solutions to manage and create customer communications, to hardware for physically producing them.


Rotaform already has a long history and expertise in managing customer communications, so Canon acted as a trusted partner, using its own expert knowledge and close connections with providers to help Rotaform meet its goals.
Rotaform Case Study from Canon

    Canon supported the initial deployment and implementation of new technologies


    Canon acted in an advisory role for Rotaform, consulting on future development plans


    If Rotaform experienced any challenges with the solutions, Canon helped to troubleshoot and identify the issue


    As a longstanding Quadient partner, Canon was able to act as a mediator between them and Rotaform, listening to and passing on Rotaform’s needs to help influence and shape Quadient’s product roadmap


    Alongside software, Rotaform also invested in a fleet of professional print inkjet devices from Canon’s ColorStream, VarioStream and VarioPrint ranges. The devices allowed Rotaform to produce high quality print customer communications to meet their customers’ direct mail needs.

    Canon has a complete ecosystem of hardware, software and services which together make up its Digital Transformation Services proposition. These components work together to improve paper and digital integration and bring digital and manual processes together seamlessly.

    As Canon’s partner, Rotaform has access to this ecosystem of innovative technologies, which enable it to support the ongoing digital transformation journey of its customers and keep evolving to meet their needs.

    Innovative technologies from Canon in use


    Rotaform’s customers were increasingly looking for more direct control over their communications, allowing them to make fast modifications. Canon has helped Rotaform to evolve its offering over time, providing end users with increasing amounts of autonomy.


    Rotaform first transitioned to Quadient Inspire platform with Canon as its implementation partner. The technology allowed Rotaform’s to consolidate data from multiple client sources to create efficient transactional communications for print and for digital.


    Rotaform introduced Quadient Inspire Interactive, which allowed business users to easily customise transactional messages without intervention from Rotaform. The new solution made it faster for Rotaform customers to introduce mandatory changes to their customer communications, ensuring that they reflected the latest laws and regulations.


    To prepare for the future, Rotaform developed a cloud platform and migrated their business to this environment. The platform gave customers more access to their customer communication workflows, allowing them to review and approve content directly. At the same time, Canon supported Rotaform to integrate Quadient Inspire Scaler. The solution supported easier integration between customer data sources and Rotaform’s systems. Instead of having to schedule daily or weekly communication runs, users could now create ad-hoc messages as and when they were needed.


    Canon helped Rotaform to introduce a new capability to expand its customers’ editing power further, through a Quadient Inspire Interactive module. Using the same interface, business users were now able to edit commercial customer messages – such as e-mail newsletters – as well as transactional. This allowed them to send more effective promotions which were tailored based on customers’ interests.


    In its latest evolution, Canon and Rotaform empowered a greater share of business-users to create communications autonomously. Thanks to another Quadient Inspire Interactive module, instead of having to make a request internally or through Rotaform, more front office employees will now be able to create their own customer communications on demand. They will now have full control of the creative and any necessary changes, enabling them to deliver a faster time to market.



      Canon has established heritage in customer communications management, including years of proven success in implementing its Customer Communications solutions at scale. As a result, Canon could provide expert guidance and consultancy to help Rotaform to meet its strategic goals.


      Canon operates as an independent supplier of more customer communication management software than any other competitor and has close relationships with industry leaders, like Quadient. With years of experience with these technologies, Canon is able to better support Rotaform and get faster resolutions to any issues.


      Canon is well known for its professional print hardware and Rotaform was impressed by the print quality and reliability of Canon’s devices, ensuring high uptime and allowing Rotaform to produce high quality print communications for its customers.


      Canon acts as a single point of contact for Rotaform for consultancy, support or implementation, for its own technologies and those of it partners. This allowed Rotaform to hand over any troubleshooting process to Canon, instead of having to manage multiple suppliers.

    “We often challenge Canon, and they do a great job of responding with advice, implementation and knowledge transfer, allowing us to go further ourselves. It’s worked very well for over 16 years!”


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