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From digitising and automating your invoice processes to creating data-driven personalised customer communications, we help you take control of your business-critical workflows, transforming the way your organisation manages information and documents.
Work professionals taking control of her business-critical workflows with Canon Information Management Solutions
Work professional processing invoices

Invoice Processing

Financial process automation solutions to quickly capture, match, and approve invoices and e-invoices.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and approvals
  • Better control through clearer process visibility and automated error checking
  • Improved compliance with secure digital storage, and traceable workflows for a compliant and clear audit trail

Mail Processing & Distribution

Our digital mailroom automates the process of capturing, identifying, validating, and routing all incoming mail.

  • Automatic mail processing improves efficiency by enabling teams to get on with their core tasks
  • Employees can access and share documents wherever they are with a digital mail process, improving collaboration and productivity
  • A simple, secure way of handling confidential information and ensuring compliance with regulations and contractual obligations

Work professionals using Mail Processing and Distribution
Digital HR document processes in use

HR Workflow

Digital HR document processes to improve efficiency and store sensitive staff information securely.

  • Focus on value-add activities by increasing productivity and reduce operational costs with process automation through digital workflows
  • Faster communication and response times with improved accessibility to HR information – securely, from anywhere
  • Improve visibility by isolating workflow bottlenecks and find HR information quickly and easily

Contract Management

eSignature and document management solutions that streamline your contractual processes while maintaining full compliance – pre-, during and post-signature.

  • Integrates with your choice of e-signature solution
  • Compliant with eIDAS framework for e-signing in the EU
  • Over 30 years of expertise in document management solutions

Work professional using document management solutions
Work professional using personalised customer communications

Customer Communications

Provide exceptional customer experiences, stand out from competitors, and enable business users to craft personalised customer communications across all channels.

  • Differentiate through excellent, personalised customer experience
  • Deliver omnichannel communications
  • Speed up time to market for your customer communications

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