Large Format Graphics Printer

Canon Colorado M-series

Fully modular UVgel roll-to-roll printer for large format graphics. Configure the system to your needs, and upgrade later as your volumes grow. Many options available, including mixed gloss/matte printing and white ink.

  • up to 159 m2/hr

    Print Speed

  • Modular

    Fully modular systems

  • White ink


  • UVgel

    Award-winning technology

  • Take productivity to another level with this smart investment

    The Colorado M-series 1.6m roll-to-roll printer offers true productivity at exceptional quality and a spectacular application range. Now including hassle-free white that is up to 3 times faster than comparable technologies. Also designed for the lowest total cost of ownership: with low ink and energy use and low media waste. And, best of all, easy field upgrades to allow it to scale with your business.

    Fully modular

    Upgrade your printer as your business needs evolve. Benefit from in- field upgradability, opt for white ink with just a service visit, print double-sided documents and (even temporarily) boost print speed during busy times.

    White without worry

    Use unique UVgel technology to print documents with high-opacity white ink, with speeds that are up to 3 times faster than comparable technologies. Ensure high quality output with FLXfinish+ technology and enjoy hassle-free white ink printing with no maintenance or printhead treatment needed.

    Low operating cost

    Reduce labour costs with automated roll feeding, an easily refillable ink and an advanced highly automated new maintenance system. Save on running costs with reduced ink and energy usage and upgrade your speed even further, without the need for lengthy service visits.

    Colorado M Series

    Premium application range

    Print large-format graphics in matte, gloss or mixed matte/gloss. Create structured, transparent, coloured and reflective media, and produce a range of output including self-adhesive vinyl and banners. PRISMAguide XL supports the easy preparation of many multilayer print jobs such underflood, overflood, 3 or 5 layer print jobs.

    Improved sustainability

    Reduce energy consumption with the low-heat, energy-efficient LED curing system and instant-on operation. Print on environmentally-friendly materials and use up to 40% less ink with UVgel technology.

    Consistent quality

    Consistently excellent repeatable colour quality with precise, sharp dots, a wider colour gamut, strong saturation for dark colours and accurate skin tones. Several certifications guarantee print quality. Most importantly, the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, Avery Dennison ICS Warranty and GREENGUARD Gold certification for safe indoor use in the most sensitive environments.

    Series Range

    The Colorado M-series overview. Configure the system to your needs, and upgrade later as your volumes grow.

  • Colorado M-series M3 and M3W

    Print speeds up to 111 m2/hr. M3W has white ink.

  • Colorado M-series M5 and M5W

    Print speeds up to 159 m2/hr. M5W has white ink

  • UVgel Wallpaper Factory

    A fully modular solution for mass- customised automated wallpaper production. Available in combination with the Colorado M5 and Fotoba finishing, equipped for high volumes in wallpaper production.

  • UVgel Print Factory

    End-to-end automated solution for producing all your UVgel mass volumes applications Available in combination with the Colorado M5 and Fotoba finishing equipment.

  • One machine, many configurations

    You can configure the Colorado M-series to your needs. There are many different types of upgrades available, most without needing a service visit:
    •    In-field speed upgrade, taking your M3 model to an M5
    •    Temporary speed boost
    •    Add White as an upgrade – with just a service visit
    •    Larger 1l ink bottles, and smaller 0.7l ones – or both
    •    FLXfinish+: glossy, matte or mixed glossy/matte finish in one print
    •    Double-sided and print-side-in printing
    •    Kit for magnetic media
    Colorado M-series

    The UVgel quality advantage

    A unique ‘print-then-cure’ technology with instant-dry gel inks, cured with UV LED lights. The advantage of a gel over a fluid is that it is possible to deposit more ink in less passes, without the ink flowing in and over the medium. Ensuring razor-sharp prints with a wide colour gamut and consistently repeatable over time and over different machines. Odourless and extremely durable.

    Canon Camera
    Colorado M-series

    Mixed glossy/matte finish in one print

    The ingenious FLXfinish+ technology maximizes the UVgel advantage with either a single – or a two-step curing strategy. It enables you to print high value applications with a velvety matte finish for interior décor or a brilliant gloss finish for display and packaging, and now also mixed matte- gloss applications without additional costs.

    Premium application range. Creativity is the only limitation

    Colorado M3

    Colorado M3

    Colorado M3

    Colorado M3W

    Colorado M5

    Colorado M5

    Colorado M5

    Colorado M5W

    Printing Method

    UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
    UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
    UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
    UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

    Print Resolution

    Up to 1,800 dpi
    Up to 1,800 dpi
    Up to 1,800 dpi
    Up to 1,800 dpi

    Print Speed

    111 m2/hr
    111 m2/hr
    159 m2/hr
    159 m2/hr

    Ink Colour


    Roll width

    Up to 1,625 mm
    Up to 1,625 mm
    Up to 1,625 mm
    Up to 1,625 mm


    UV LED
    UV LED
    UV LED
    UV LED

    Automatic maintenance

    Eliminate daily manual maintenance tasks to save operator time
    Eliminate daily manual maintenance tasks to save operator time
    Eliminate daily manual maintenance tasks to save operator time
    Eliminate daily manual maintenance tasks to save operator time

    Colorado proCARE after- sales service programme

    You’ve chosen the best there is in large format graphics printing. Colorado proCARE will ensure you stay in pole position.
    Colorado 1630

    Sustainable by nature

    UVgel technology is GREENGUARD Gold certified, so you can trust that applications for indoor use meet strict chemical emission limits.

    Compared to latex or eco-solvent inks, UVgel requires around 40% less ink to build up the same image quality and colour intensity.

    Colorado-family printers come equipped with internal filters and require no dedicated extraction. Radiation and noise emission are below stringent standards.

    The energy-efficient, low-temperature LED curing process substantially reduces energy consumption. Energy consumption in standby mode is very low, thanks to the instant-on printing capability.

    Canon Colorado M Series

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    Want to grow your business with the fully modular Colorado M-series?

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